Trekking Hiking in Mongolia

Trekking in Mongolia

Trekking in Mongolia

Mongolia is an ideal trekking destination for those who want to get away from city life and enjoy wilderness. Trekking/hiking through thick pine forests, crossing high mountain passes, hopping over streams and boulders are all only small parts any trekking/hiking trip in Mongolia.

Mongolian nomads have been living in harmony with nature for centuries and travelling without a trace long before it was trendy. The nomads migrate seasonally with their livestock, packing up their ger on yaks or camels and traipsing across the fresh pastures of the mountains and hills around. Just like that, our treks will be supported by a local team, and all equipment and luggage will be carried by pack animals throughout the trip.

Here are the best hiking destinations in Mongolia:

Lake Khuvsgul, also known as the Blue Pearl of Asia, is the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia. Worshiped by Mongolians as ‘Ocean Mother,’ Lake Khuvsgul holds 70 percent of Mongolia’s fresh water. It is 136 km long and 262m deep. The lake has small tributaries and only a single river flows out from the southern tip, Eg River, which ultimately feeds Lake Baikal, the biggest freshwater lake in the world by volume. Each of these lakes belongs in the world’s seventeen ancient lakes, being more than 2 million years old.

The waters of Lake Khuvsgul are crystal clear that you can see the stones beneath the water. The area around the lake is a national park bigger than Yellowstone and is surrounded by high mountains reaching some 3000 meters (over 9800 feet) above sea level. The beauty and the wilderness of the environment vary from wide, pebble covered river beds, flower carpeted meadows, to narrow paths amidst thick pine forests. It is a destination for adventure seekers as it goes through wild areas of the remote taiga region and is not frequented by common visitors. Wild flowers and herbs are abundant in the area for entertainment.

The region hosts three of the most interesting and unique ethnic groups of Darkhad, Buriat and Tsaatan. Shamanism, rather than Buddhism, is the religion of choice in these parts.

Trekking_Hiking_Lake_Khuvsgul, Mongolia

The Eight Lakes Nature Reserve is for those who love trekking with enough leisure time to relax in a splendid scenery. It lies high in the Khangai Mountains, Mongolia’s second largest mountain range. Barely accessible to vehicles, the nature reserve is being kept in a pristine condition.

Eight lakes are located 3-5 km from one another. They are considered an important monument for geological and water studies, as these lakes are interconnected by ground water channels. This natural reserve was formed by volcanic eruptions that occurred many centuries ago. Entire valleys strewn with volcanic stones, clear water lakes, alpine meadows, coniferous forest, and mountains are making up its beauty. Important decoration to it is the nomadic families living peacefully with their livestock grazing in the reserve. For bird lovers, the Eight lakes offer 50 species of birds, such as the black-throated loon, great cormorant, bar-headed goose, or whooper swan.

We pick June and July as the best times to enjoy the reserve.

Trekking-hiking in-the-Eight-Lakes, Mongolia

The first ever Mongolian snow leopard footage was taken at this mountain range in 2005. Kharkhira-Turgen Mountains, an untouched heaven of big lakes, high mountains and fast rivers, are in Western Mongolia and are home to unique ethnic minorities and wildlife. Trekking in this remote region will take you to the true wilderness only a few have experienced.

The range has diverse biomes of mountain tundra, forest, taiga and mountain steppe. Natural wonders of perpetual snow, ice peaks and caves, waterfalls and steep cliffs are common here. The highest peak of Turgen, Tsagaan Deglii, is 3965m above sea level and that of Kharkhira mountain range, Must Uul (Ice Mountain), is 4037m.

It’s one of the very few places in the world where the Snow Lotus (Saussurea involucrate) can be seen at full bloom. For centuries, this holy plant symbolizes happiness and love for the locals as it is used for medical purposes and grows in a pair.

Trekking-Hiking the-Kharkhiraa, Mongolia

Join us for your once-in-lifetime trekking/hiking and camping adventure through some world’s remotest and least known natural gems.

Trekking & hiking in Mongolia

Being out in pristine nature, meeting friendly nomads, and spending a night in 5-billion-star tent. Trekking/hiking in Mongolia is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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