Mongolian Spiritual Side

The spiritual side of Mongolia

The spiritual side of Mongolia

Although Mongolian indigenous beliefs had suffered a great deal during the USSR anti-religious campaigns, more than half of the residents are proudly Buddhist. Mongolian Buddhism derives from the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism, one sect that garners a lot of Westerns' attention, but it presents its own unique characteristics. The most important spiritual Buddhist sites in the country are the Erdene Zuu Monastery in Central Mongolia, Amarbaysgalant monastery in Northern Mongolia, Baldanbereeven monastery in Eastern Mongolia, Khamar monastery in the Gobi and Gandan monastery in Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolian shaman & Buddhist monk

On the other hand, prior to the 15th century, the ruling religion of Mongolia was that of the great blue sky – “hoh tenger”. This system of traditional beliefs and practices, known in the west as Shamanism, is based on the idea that the visible world is full of invisible forces or spirits. The shaman as intermediary between the natural and spiritual world, communicates with the spirits of water, wind, fire, trees, the moon and so on, for assistance in healing, hunting or changing the weather. The healers of the Buu, as it is known in Mongolia today, are still performing these peculiar rituals.

Mongolian-shaman in trance

We make special arrangements for you to stay in Buddhist monasteries; learn more about Buddhism, understand how the monks of this Tibetan philosophy dedicate themselves to spiritual awareness, and take time to relax. Also, meetings with shamans and have an actual communication with his spirits, which may help you find the answers to questions that you were always looking for. These spiritual experiences can be arranged for you as standalone tours or added to another tour of your choice.


So, if you want to experience living with Buddhist monks or talking to an in-trance shaman, search no more and contact us! Accompanied by experienced guide, you will have a conversation with the Shaman to shed some light on the secrets of Shamanism, the role of Shaman in society, and the way the Shaman interacts with other worlds. And at the end of the conversation, the Shaman shall perform a ritual and connect with his spirits. Or live with Buddhist monks who shall give us unique insight on Mongolian Buddhism, and a glimpse into monastic life. This is a rare opportunity to understand another unique aspect of Mongolian culture and religious beliefs and practices.

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These are rare opportunities to understand another unique aspect of Mongolian culture and religious beliefs and practices.

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