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Are you enthusiastic about self-drive? Then, Mongolia is your top priority because of its various geographical regions and vastness. Our team is offering self-drive adventures to explore Mongolian vast countryside while maintaining safety and back-up at all times.

Mongolia is an unexplored travel destination where nomadic life is still a living tradition. The country has the lowest population density in the world. The mixed landscape of desert, endless meadows, mountains and freshwater lakes are truly enchanting. Self-drive tours in Mongolia offer the freedom and flexibility to explore areas at your own pace and overcome the challenges of Mongolian roads.

The majority of dirt roads in Mongolia have no signs and often split in many smaller tracks. It is quite confusing to choose a proper way even for a self-drive enthusiast with GPS. Therefore, most travelers prefer to travel with an experienced tour operator. We send a lead car with a guide, a driver and a mechanic to help you with navigation and any obstacle you face, and to ensure regular maintenance and possible repairs.  

Please contact us for detailed information as our Self-Driving tours have different (higher) prices than the regular tours offered below. 

Central Mongolia 8 Day Tour

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Central Mongolia 8 Day Tour

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Central Mongolia


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