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Eastern Mongolia

Eastern Mongolia

Eastern Mongolia can be distinctly divided into two regions. In the north, rich Taiga landscape of pine forests, rugged mountainous region and mighty rivers. The southern part of the region forms the eastern edge of the great Gobi Desert.

The northern part famed not only for its sheer beauty but also as the birthplace of Temuujin, a courageous boy known today to the world as Chinggis Khan, the forefather of the Mongolian nation, first unifying the warring tribes of steppe nomads under one flag, and then, the founder of the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous land empire the world has ever known.

Our Eastern Mongolian tours to the massive Kherlen and Onon Rivers offer travelers beautiful landscapes, rarely visited by foreigners, as well as visiting the ruins of Baldan Bereeven Monastery, now slowly being renovated to its old glory as home for some 8,000 monks back in the 19th century.

Eastern Mongolia is also known as the ‘land of cranes’, as in summer time, 7 species of crane, some of them extremely rare, nesting by the rivers and lakes of the region.

The east-most province of Dornod has its own historic significance, as the scene for the Khalkhiin Gol battle, a battle that in many ways has shaped the events of WWII.

The vast grasslands of Dornod and Sukhbaatar are perfect place to watch huge herds of Black-Tailed Gazelles migrating through the vast planes in search for good graze.

In the autumn, the lakes hidden within the Dariganga sand dune, on the border with China, features amazing display of huge flocks of waterfowl on their migration routes from the Siberian tundra to the warm countries of southern Europe and Africa, making the sky above seem as they were taken from a scene over the world’s busiest airport. Not far from the sand dune stands Shilin Bogd, a sacred mountain looking over the border, into Chinese territory, and a unique ice cave.

We welcome you to choose one of our Eastern Mongolia tours for once in a lifetime experience.

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