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Welcome to our Mongolia Travel Blog!

Throughout our Mongolia travel blog you will find our recommendations for different ways to experience Mongolia, The Land Of Eternal Blue Sky. From our extensive travels throughout this mysterious country of legends and astonishing landscapes, we bring you a unique collection of blogs and travel journals representing different aspects of what Mongolia means to us.

Chinggis-Khan-monument, Central Mongolia

In Mongolia you will discover an extraordinary ancient culture set in a timeless land. Here for thousands of years survival has required resourcefulness, independence, and a close affinity with mother nature and her spirits. In a paradox which is so difficult to describe it can only be experienced, you the traveler will often feel you are in another world, but right at home.

Mongolian-women-milking-yaks, Central Mongolia

We welcome you to join us, together with our experienced and highly trained staff, in a journey that will introduce to you the horse based culture of the Mongolian nomads, to the Kazakhs of Western Mongolia as they hunt with their Golden Eagles, to the vast open steppe where the last wild horses still roam, to the blue pearl of our northern forested mountains - lake “Khuvsgul”, or to the world renowned Gobi Desert.

Sand-dunes-in-the-Gobi-desert, Southern Mongolia

During our years of operation, Mongolian Ways has led the Mongolian tourism industry in introducing new and innovative ways of exploring Mongolia and its wilderness. We have introduced the first ever dog sledding and kayaking trips in Mongolia and pioneered trips to places that have never been explored by visitors before.


Traveling with Mongolian Ways is a chance to immerse yourself, your family and your friends in a way of life that exists nowhere else on such a scale in the 21st century, while enjoying the best customer service available. Experiencing modern Mongolian life, nomadic culture, rare wildlife, distinctive landscapes and an appealing religion are part of every trip.

Mongolia-family-trip, Mongolia family vacation, holiday tour

With our Mongolia Travel Blog, we invite you to let Mongolia claim a place in your heart, as it has claimed a place in ours and in the hearts of so many of our guests.

Sincerely Yours,
The Mongolian Ways Team

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