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Travel Mongolia, China and Russia at once! Mongolia is landlocked amidst two great neighbors. Both China and Russia are countries of complex history, ancient traditions that are still being practiced to this very day, and stunning landscapes. These would compliment every trip to Mongolia with understanding on the geopolitical and cultural circumstances that influenced and keep on influencing Mongolia of the 21st century. The two of the world's greatest nations welcome you to their centuries old history, culture and its heritages.

Our multi-country tours include China & Mongolia Gobi Desert Tour and Trans-Siberian train tour. We welcome you to choose one of these tours and travel China, Russia and Mongolia at once for a lifetime experience.

Trans Siberian Mongolian railway train tour

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Trans-Siberian Express on 17th June, 2022

The Trans-Siberian Train- a term that thrills adventurers of all kinds. Of the different branches of the...


  • Trans Mongolian Railroad
  • Circum Altai Mountains
  • Exploring the two sides of the Gobi Desert
Trans Siberian Mongolian railway train tour

12 Days In Russia, Mongolia and China

Russia, Mongolia and China


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