Mongolia Spring Tours

Spring Tours

Spring Tours

Spring arrives in Mongolia after long winter and days would become longer and warmer. It's the busiest time of the year for nomadic herders constantly following their livestock to collect the newborns from pasture lands. Mongolians celebrate their new year, Tsagaan Sar or traditional Lunar New Year Festival, as the first day of spring arrives. Dressed in their best national costumes, people visit family/friends and exchange gifts. During the Lunar New Year Festival, Mongolians, following the old tradition, wish only happiness and prosperity to each other. 

Our spring tours offer brilliant opportunities to mingle with the locals to celebrate the new year and experience nomadic lifestyle in-person by helping them with the lambing. Another two unique events/festivals take place during this time are The Ice Festival at Lake Khuvsgul, and The Thousand Camels Festival in the Gobi Desert. These events are locally organized and they are not popular tourist attractions, they are intimate and fun, and you can even participate in some of the competitions yourself if you wish. Highlights of the trip include frozen Lake Khuvsgul (bring your skates!), the River of Ice, and lambing and kidding season in the Gobi. A true cultural adventure in every sense.

We welcome you to choose one of our spring tours for once in a lifetime experience.

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