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About Mongolian Ways Ltd.

Mongolian Ways is a travel company registered in Mongolia. We are not a family run business but we feel like one! We specialize in creating custom adventures for small groups, and we also offer a selection of exploratories and fixed departures each year. Over 80 percent of our customers have traveled on custom or private adventures, either creating their own trip around specific interests or choosing one of our scheduled departures and booking it as a private tour, along with some personal touches.

Why Travel With Us?

We know our stuff: The office staff in charge of planning your trip, answering your questions, and overseeing operations, all have extensive experience leading their own expeditions throughout Mongolia. You will never deal with administrative staff or "reservation specialists"!

We feel we are among the few lucky ones that do every day, the whole day, what we are passionate about- weaving dreams into trips that materialize.

Mongolian Tour Guide Group Photo

Mongolian Tour Guide Group Photo

We handle everything personally. Large travel companies take your booking and forward your information to a ground handler. When you work with Mongolian Ways you will be dealing directly with those who make the logistics for the trip. We do not have call center staff, a reservations department, or an operations department. We make sure it will be only one person that works with you in planning your trip, and then overseeing operations, so you can be sure of getting first hand information and personal service from the first email all the way to the last day of your trip.

Mongolian Ways Tour Guide Team

Mongolian Ways Tour Guide Team

We specialize in creating custom trips

Let our expert tour planners tailor an experience for you!