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Our Team

The Mongolian Ways Team

Our team is made of passionate travel enthusaists who share one common theme, going to work is a chore full of joy. We all feel as if designing a trip from scratch is much like cooking a gourmet dish, you have to use only the best ingredients, use fine binding materials, add spices to your liking, mix, and let it rest for the night. And like a good chef, we understand that listening to our clients and making some touch-ups to meet their expectations and ever-changing tastes, is the most essential part of keeping them happy.

Sugaraa Egch - Mongolian Ways

Sugara- Managing Director

With well over 20 years in the Mongolian tourism industry, a tour guide for nearly 10 years, and a co-founder of the Mongolian Tour Guide Association, Sugara brings to the table a wide skill set to lead Mongolian Ways as one of the best tour operators in Mongolia. Sugara’s vast field experience, her knowledge of the country, of the industry and all major stakeholders, her administrative skills, and above all, her friendly and supporting attitude towards her staff, allows her to oversee the company’s activities and enhance the company’s activities and services.

Ron Oren - Mongolian Ways

Ron Oren- Sales Director

For the past 20 years, Ron has been residing in Asia, and has been traveling Mongolia extensively. On his daily communication with prospects and travelers, Ron brings his passion to the country, its traditions and landscapes, together with his personal touch, quickly realizing what’s on the travelers’ mind, and how to weave their dreams and wishes into an exciting trip, and unique cross-cultural experiences.

Munguu 1

Munguu- Chief Accountant

Over her 15 years with the company, Munguu has turned to be an integral part of the company’s operation. Born in western Mongolia, raised up in northern Mongolia, and married to a true Gobi man, Munguu is an all-rounded Mongolian. She uses every free moment to travel the country, get her kids to learn it on foot, and extensively widening her knowledge about her motherland to help us all deliver better trips.

Tsoggy - Mongolian Ways

Tsoggy- Trip Development and Marketing Manager

First joined the company as a trainee guide in 2007, Tsoggy since managed to put together an impressive resume. Completing his bachelor’s degree here in Mongolia, he then completed his Business Master’s degree in Taiwan. After working for one of Mongolia’s biggest banks, he decided to combine his passion to traveling with his profession, and is today a fundamental part of the company’s rapid growth, developing new and exciting travel experiences, and make sure the whole world would know of these.

Tuul Egch

Tuul - Logistics Officer

An integral part of the company for 10 years now, Tuul is the unseen factor that makes each of our trips a phenomenal success. From managing the storage and maintaining the outdoor equipment, to working with the guides on each trip’s particular list of equipment, Tuul has become an essential part of the company’s success.

Amina - Mongolian Ways

Aminaa- Lead Tour Guide

Started working as a tour guide with Mongolian Ways in 2014, Aminaa has developed to be one of Mongolia's leading tour guides. With her vast knowledge of the country’s history, religion, culture, lifestyle and geology, she leads not only trips but also oversees our guide training program, educating generations of new guides to follow her big footsteps.

Mongolian Ways Tour Drivers

Our Drivers

The real backbone of Mongolian Ways, our drivers form a formidable team that knows Mongolia back and forth, and safely drive our travelers throughout the country’s tricky roads. With most of our drivers born and raised out in the country, they know the ways of the nomads, and becoming an integral part of your experience in Mongolia. Rough yet friendly, fiercely focused on their duties, yet attentive, this bunch of loyal lads is what every company would love to have to pave its road to success.

Mongolian Ways Tour Guides

Our Guides

Our guides are the ones carrying and communicating the company’s spirit to our travelers. The team of guides made of young, smart and enthusiastic individuals that can withstand the harsh nature of trips to Mongolia, safely and comfortably leading our travelers to see and experience the hidden gems of Mongolia.

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Private adventure tours & travels have been our specialty for the past 20 years. Over 80 percent of our customers travel on private adventure tours, either creating their own tour around specific interests and booking it as a private tour, along with some personal touches.

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