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Cameron Lucas Australia

Had the most incredible time living with the Kazakh family in western Mongolia, and the opportunity to hunt with the golden eagles is too good to miss out on. Cannot recommend enough this adventure. The Mongolian landscapes can never cease to amaze you, especially when caked in ice and snow.

Cameron Lucas, Australia
The Tuaf family

Many thanks to Mongolian ways for organizing a perfect trip for our family. We traveled with our 2 girls (7&9 years old) to beautiful Mongolia and everything was well organized! We had a very knowledgeable guide who was getting along with the kids perfectly, and a very skilled driver made us feel safe.

The Tuaf family, Israel
John Alexander USA

With such short notice and the special requirements we asked for, everything was perfectly organized. Our request for highly specialized tour was accomplished with ease and excellent in every way.

Victoria and John Alexander, USA
Sebastian n Mikhail

True to their reputation, Mongolian Ways has lived up to and exceeded the standards of tour excellent team, personable, helpful, and extremely well humored. A thoroughly well-planned tour, and the best few night's sleep I have had in a long time.

Sebastian Strassburg, Germany
Philip Dickman

Good day, Sugara. Thank you again for the part you played in helping to make my trip to Mongolia the best tour I have ever had. Within a year or so I hope I can return to Mongolia for a longer tour, again under the auspices of Mongolian Ways.

Philip Dickman, Canada
David Hamburger 1

This is to let you know that we arrived safely home last night after a riveting trip organized with the precision of a Swiss watch. Thanks very much again for your efforts, One huge problem that remains is how we will ever be able to lower our standards again after this most pampering experience.

Dr. David Hamburger, Holland

Julia and James Grant, England
Nora Endres

Thank you very much for I really enjoyed Mongolia. It was a long-desired dream of mine to travel there. Everything was very well organized by you and the food was extraordinary good. Trekking in Mongolia charged my internal accumulator (soul) again.

Nora Endres, Germany
Chris Blade England

My trip across Mongolia remains one of the most precious memories I have. Stunning landscapes & beautiful people.

Chris Blade, England
David Oades England

We had the most amazing time in Mongolia. They took us to some special places & everything went according to plan. What a special country Mongolia is with some friendly people & breathtaking landscapes. Will never forget our trip & can recommend Mongolian Ways for their professionalism, expertise and superb guides!

David Oades, England
Fran Scheib USA

Excellent, thorough tour of Ulan Bataar. I enjoyed the cultural program.

Fran Scheib, USA
Eveline Dekkers The Netherlands

The first time I traveled to Mongolia was in 2014. I was there during the Nadaam festival & we had the luck of seeing it in a more rural town, which was awesome! The second time I visited Mongolia, I did a private tour & stayed for 10 days, it was more focused on the southern part of Mongolia. I will be back to see Eagle Hunters.

Eveline Dekkers, Netherlands
Elissa Jessop Wales

I was lucky enough to travel magical land of Mongolia with Mongolian ways. Passionate about sharing his country & culture with us. The ability to instantly connect us & countryfolk alike making the tour seamless. If you are planning to venture Mongolia connect them for a journey that you will remember forever.

Elissa Jessop, Wales
Doron Orgil Israel

A wonderful trip in Mongolia. A visit to the tribes in the west. Extraordinary experiences. A trip to Mongolia must be done with a reliable company like Mongolian Ways. highly recommend!

Doron Orgil, Israel
David Riordan USA

Everything about traveling across Mongolia is wild and unexpected, but Mongolian Ways managed to help us our way around the country safely & on schedule. For a true nomadic adventure, with captivating landscapes, inquisitive locals, fascinating history & soul regenerative solitude, you must contact them.

David Riordan, USA
Dawn Beresford Australia

Professional travel company with an outstanding, informative guide. Our Tour Leader (Guide and interpreter) immersed us within the culture of his wonderful Country, with a sense of adventure and humour. If you want to experience the REAL MONGOLIA then this company is worth the money.

Danw Beresford, Australia
John Macfarlane England

In March (late winter), we had a wonderful adventure & photographic trip in central & Western Mongolia. We travelled to Western (Kazakh) Mongolia & stayed with several eagle hunting families. In spite of late winter trip to visit very remote gers & houses, the organisation was smooth, efficient and impressive.

John Macfarlane, England
Juan Farias Argentina

Fantastic experience in one of the most beautiful countries I have been. The guide Tsoggy was very helpful, and his knowledge of the geography and culture of Mongolia was awesome. Thanks to his navigation skills we very often got off the beaten track to get to reach some highlights such as monasteries or temples. It was a great trip.

Juan Farias, Argentina
Kellie Bilney Australia

Mongolia, an amazing, beautiful & awe-inspiring country. It is truly a one of a kind travel destination, a place like no other. Mongolia offers so much ... interesting history, amazing landscapes, a unique culture, and beautiful & friendly people. Mongolia is an unforgettable adventure & one of the last truly unspoilt places left on the planet.

Kellie Bilney, Australia
Michal Even zur Israel

I’m travelling a lot around the world, but my last trip in Mongolia was one of my bests. We had the chance to meet & stay with a local family, and experience with them a little bit the traditional Mongolian life. We visited the Gobi Desert, watched the wild horses & camels in the nature. I will back for Eagle festival when possible.

Michal Even-zur, Israel
Ofri Gilo Israel

We did a family trip in Mongolia with Mongolian Ways & enjoyed every minute of it! We had a private car to drive all around the country, & another equipment car. We hiked beautiful Mongolia, camped every day, did horse trips, & met wonderful Mongolian people. I will come back again =)

Ofri Gilo, Israel
Ray Hawkings Ireland

If you want to see Mongolia that this is the way to travel off the beaten track. We visited the Duhka people (reindeer herders of Mongolia) to see the different way they live in. So, if you love adventure, want to try horse riding the plains of Mongolia & want to see a country truly unique I would definitely recommend these guys.

Ray Hawkings, Ireland
Reece Young Australia

Mongolia is an amazing country to visit! Mongolia is such a beautiful country with vast, stunning landscapes. It is so refreshing and peaceful compared to living in the city. I hope to be able to return here one day - and if I do, Tsoggy and his team @ Mongolian Ways will be the first people I contact!

Reece Young, Australia
Rosamund Macfarlane England

Mongolia is always a challenging country to travel in (it was our second visit). A visit to the local school, and Kazakh National Day with everyone dressed in national costume in Western Mongolia . I would strongly recommend Mongolian Ways.

Rosamund Macfarlane, England
Samir India

I visited Mongolia in September & the tour was well planned, enjoyable & comfortable. Our itinerary included - Ulaanbaatar, Tour & Nomad Camp, Hustai National Park, Terelj National Park. My Mongolia trip was made all the more special as they went the extra mile in providing us the very best & making the most of our tour.

Samir, India
Thomas Wood USA

I was fortunate enough to have Tsoggy as our local guide on an overland adventure through Mongolia. We were lucky enough to be in Mongolia during the Naadam festival would highly recommend Mongolian Ways for the experience of a lifetime.

Thomas Wood, USA
Yoori Kim Australia

Mongolian Ways service was second to none. We saw incredible sceneries, learnt a lot of history & just overall had an unforgettable experience. Mongolia truly is a beautiful place & is the country to visit if you love nature, history & getting off the beaten track. Such an amazing time in Mongolia.

Yoori Kim, Australia
Tommy Tay Malaysia

We had the most remarkable national park tour with Mongolian Ways. The truly caring tour guide, wonderful itinerary arrangements with reasonable price. I would say it was the most adventurous and stunning journey in my life! Excellent!

Tommy Tay, Malaysia
Fiona Johnson Australia

I had such an amazing time in Mongolia - one of the best trips I have ever done. I highly recommend Mongolia as a travel destination. I will definitely be booking a trip with Mongolian Ways again, hopefully to see the eagle hunters!

Fiona Johnson, Australia

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