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Overland Tours

Overland Tours

Listed as 17th largest country, Mongolia is a country of diverse landscapes, combining desert, taiga, steppe and high mountains all together. It is just not possible to see many beautiful places of the country simply by hiking or riding a horse. For travelers, who wants to discover most of Mongolia in no time, overland tours would be an ultimate solution. 

In such a spacious country, driving is not just a mean of getting from one place to another, but it is the trip itself. More than a third of the population living as pastoral herders, Mongolia remains as one of the few places in the world that nomadic lifestyle still exists. You will get to see Mongol nomads living their lives based on the old traditions, but with TV sets and motorcycles. Due to the isolation between areas, on the road, it can take hours of driving before passing a small ger community or a nomad herding his sheep on horseback, but then it is enjoyable to look at the landscapes of untouched countryside.

Our overland tours are designed to cover a lot of ground - if you like off-road adventures and want to see a great deal of Mongolia in the shortest time, these tours are for you. Starting from Ulaanbaatar, our overland tours would take you away from civilization to ancient ruins, Buddhist monasteries, stunning national parks and indigenous cultures which will make you feel like taking a journey through time. 


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Mystic Mongolia on 6th January, 2021

Take a tour to the snowy taiga of Northern Mongolia. The tour would begin at the 18th century Amarbayasgalant…


  • The Gobi desert
  • The Orkhon Valley
  • Mongol Empire
  • Nomadic traditions and rituals
  • The Eagle Hunters
  • Khovsgol lake
  • Wild life

8 Days In Northern Mongolia

Northern Mongolia

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Central Mongolia Tour 2021

8 Days In Central Mongolia

Central Mongolia

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Gobi Desert Tour 2021

11 Days In Southern Mongolia

Southern Mongolia

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China & Mongolia Gobi Desert Tour 2021

13 Days In The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert

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Overland All Mongolia Tour 2021

15 Days In the Gobi & Lake Khuvsgul

the Gobi & Lake Khuvsgul

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