Mongolian Festivities

Life should be celebrated

Mongolian Festivities

We welcome you to Mongolian widest celebrated holidays such as Naadam, Eagle, Ice and Thousand Camel festivals. During the celebration festival grounds, deserted for the better part of the year, turn into a lively ger city, where food, toys, traditional items and other things are sold. We will join the Mongolians in their enjoyment of their biggest celebration of the year.

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  • Naadam Festival: July 10 - 12
  • Eagle Festival: October 6 - 7
  • Ice Festival: March 3 - 4
  • Thousand Camel Festival:  March 6  - 7
  • Nomads Festival: July 4 - 5
  • Winter Horse Festival: November 5 - 6


  • Naadam Festival
  • Eagle Festival
  • Ice Festival
  • Camel Festival
  • Nomads Festival
  • Winter Horse Festival

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