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We welcome you to the Mongolian widest celebrated holidays and festivals tours such as Naadam, Golden Eagle, Ice and Thousand Camel festivals. During the celebrations, festival grounds, deserted for the better part of the year, turn into a lively ger city, where food, toys, traditional items and other things are sold. We will join the Mongolians in their enjoyment of their biggest celebrations of the year.

Naadam Festival
The official state Naadam Festival is held from July 11 to13 in Ulaanbaatar. But don’t worry! Those are not the only days Mongolians celebrate their famed festival. Many of the 21 provinces and its small administrative units of Mongolia celebrate the festival on earlier or later dates in July, depending on local anniversaries and pasture or herd conditions.

Golden Eagle Festival
Every year Golden Eagle Festival takes place on the first weekend of the first week in October. Golden eagle festival tour starts with a parade of well-dressed hunters with their eagles followed by various competitions. It includes the eagle catching fox skin dragged behind a horse and returning to their owner from a distance on command.

Ice Festival
This winter festival is organized on the 2nd and 3rd of March annually on the thick ice of Mongolian Blue Pearl, Lake Khuvsgul. The festival opens with an offering ceremony to the King of Mountains and the Mother Sea. These are Ikh Saridag Mountain, whose peaks tower above the northern end of Lake Khuvsgul, which is referred to by Mongolians as Mother Sea. Reindeer and horse sled racing, shamanic ritual performance are all part of this fun festival on one of the world's biggest freshwater sources.

Thousand Camels Festival
The Thousand Camels Festival takes place on the 6th and 7th of March each year in the Gobi Desert. During the festival, competitions of camel race, best dressed couple and camel polo are organized, plus the highlight of the festival best camel herding skills are tested. In the evening of the second day, awards and prizes given to best of the best.


  • Naadam Festival
  • Golden Eagle Festival
  • Ice Festival
  • Thousand Camels Festival

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