Mongolia Private Tours

Why private tours?

Why private tours?

Our Mongolia private tours are just for you! Because there are no two people alike. You've been planning this once in a lifetime trip for ages, not for it to be ruined by the world’s most annoying tourist who just happened to join the same group you did.

All the tours on our website can be arranged as private tours and are all designed to put you in the center. You shall dictate the pace, and we'd be happy to amend and fine-tune your trip while on the road. You prefer to spend a bit more time with the locals? Not a problem! You wish to add a few more hiking trails to the itinerary? With pleasure! You just happened to drive past a local wedding, and you want to stay put for few hours and arrive slightly late to your hotel? Great, let’s do that!

Traveler with a private guide, Eastern Mongolia

If you find none of the listed tours addressing your interests and wishes, we’d spare no efforts to design a special tour which would meet your needs and expectations. Because you are special to us. Just tell us what it is you want to do, and we'll make it happen.

Private family trip, Central Mongolia

When you travel Mongolia with us, we will allocate private guides and drivers to accompany you from arrival to departure, to share with you their unique local knowledge and experience, and be at your disposal day and night. We shall book your accommodation, transportation, and all the logistics required to make your trip as smooth as it could be.

Private trip car, Eastern Mongolia

With 20 years of experience running tours all throughout Mongolia, we have built the capacity to understand what is it you are after and offer you exactly what you are looking for. From private and luxurious tours, through cultural experiences on the region’s back roads, some of mother nature’s best-kept secrets and all the way to well off the beaten track adventures visiting some of the world’s remotest communities and pristine environments.

A couple on a private tour, Central Mongolia

All the private tours we offer are tours we've already built for someone, we know they are great, but let us make a special tour for a special person. You. We know you'll never again travel Mongolia any other way.

Private Tours & Travels throughout Mongolia

Private adventure tours & travels have been our specialty for the past 20 years. Over 80 percent of our customers travel on private adventure tours, either creating their own tour around specific interests and booking it as a private tour, along with some personal touches.

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designed to put you in center & customizable to your needs!