Mongolia coronavirus situation

Mongolia coronavirus & travel restrictions update

Mongolia coronavirus & travel restrictions update


The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is rapidly changing the world as we know it. The situation in the countries first hit is slowly easing up. However, coronavirus already spread to other regions of the world, impacting nearly everyone.

For us, we are busy at the office refining our existing trips and working on new and exciting travel experiences to be ready for the time when the crisis is over, and the world would open for travel once again. As traveling through Mongolia has not been banned, we have recently been on an inspection trip to far-northern Mongolia to meet the Tsaatan reindeer herders. We are now about to embark on a long journey to the far west, the land of Eagle hunters and the Altai Mountains. Later in the summer, we plan another trip eastward, to the cradle of Mongolian civilization.

Mongolia coronavirus & Travel restrictions

Global coronavirus cases surpassed 244 million who got infected, with over 4.95 million deaths worldwide. At the same time, in Mongolia, the first case was reported on March 10th, 2020 as a foreign national arriving from Europe tested positive for the virus. Luckily, it did not spread internally as the Mongolian government was quick to take necessary precautions by banning international flights and trains, closing schools, and limiting public services. The first restriction imposed in late January ended on May 31st but was extended until June 1st.

Mongolia has no travel and is now open for tourism:

Below is the official statement of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia.

Mongolia opened its borders to foreign nationals and tourists from July 4, 2021.

All the foreigners and tourists from abroad will be admitted to the flight based on obligatory PCR negative test issued within 72 hours landing in Mongolia, and in case of violation, all costs and responsibilities arising from the risk of infection shall be borne entirely by the transportation company or individuals.

Citizens and tourists who received full doses of WHO registered vaccines more than 14 days' prior to traveling or have been infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last four months, and those who have evidence being cured from coronavirus (COVID-19) during the last four months will travel without isolation.

A foreign nationals who has not received full dose of vaccine shall have a PCR test 72 hours before entering Mongolia, will be quarantined in accordance with the rules in force at the time, and will be re-tested and travel under a "Safe Travel" program based on a negative result.

As of today (25 October 2021), Mongolia has 349,509 confirmed coronavirus cases with 1,660 deaths and 64.6% or 2,137,780 fully vaccinated people. Since late January, the Mongolian government had repatriated over nine thousand Mongolians stranded abroad via numerous charter flights and through vehicle crossing checkpoints and is planning to continue doing so.


  • TOTAL CASES: 349,509
  • DEATHS: 1,660
  • FULLY VACCINATED: 64.6% of the population or 2,137,780

For the first few months, it seemed as if the government managed to keep the situation under control. Strict lockdowns were imposed for weeks at a time, and the daily new cases were at a very low rate. Last April and May the government have brought vaccinations, mostly of Chinese manufacturers, and in a swift campaign vaccinated most of Ulaanbaatar’s citizens. The numbers of newly infected that reached some 1,300 per day, were now reduced to around 600 new cases a day. Mongolia has started vaccination process and now 52% of the population is fully vaccinated. Currently, imposed travel restrictions are still in effect, but the government is planning open the borders for international travel somewhere around July and/or August.

In recent days, despite the fact that 80 percent of the country’s adults are properly vaccinated, and maybe due to it, the new cases’ numbers are surging again, and in fact, breaking the old records. In the time of writing this article, we are at well over 2,300 new cases a day.

At the time being, the public is somewhat confused. The school summer break has begun, a much-needed break for the students that have spent most of the last two school years looking at their screen in remote learning. The entire travel industry is not clear on whether tourists would be allowed in the country, or will they have to go through a second year of no income. Due to ongoing concern within the country, provinces, towns, and village administrations are imposing strict travel bans, and the general public, that extensively explored the country last summer for the lack of alternative of traveling abroad, is not clear on whether it is allowed to travel within the country.

The Mongolian government is now facing two challenges: fully opening its international borders, and the beginning of the next school year. Only bold, effective, dedicated and determined government could lead Mongolia out of this crisis, and restore social, financial, cultural and educational order to this otherwise peaceful land. We shall have to see if the newly elected president, and his prime minister, both belong to the same party, could lead Mongolia out of this crisis and restore the confidence of Mongolian people in their leaders.

Stay tuned with us as we will update you on Mongolia, a country that shares 4,630 km long border with China and 3,485 with Russia, coronavirus situation regularly through this post. We also send our prayers and hopes to all of you, your communities and your loved ones, to keep safe and healthy while we give you 10 reasons to travel to Mongolia when coronavirus is over.

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