What things to in Mongolia in August

• August in Mongolia

August in Mongolia

Recommended tours: Hiking & Trekking, Horse riding and Cycling
Average temperature:
22.3°C (72.1°F)

Mongolians say, autumn arrives the day after Naadam to constantly remind themselves that the winter is coming. August in Mongolia is the month of transition from the hot summer to the decaying autumn. After enjoying some leisure time in July, nomads quickly start to prepare hay in August. The nutritious green hay of autumn helps animals to survive the cold winter and dry spring. Most families rush to complete cutting hay within a month before their children leave to attend school. Meanwhile, women work hard to store enough dairy products to consume in winter and spring as the milking season of animals ends by the beginning of September. They prepare various dairy products, including various cheese and dried curd. Before school starts, animals are often sold to pay for college fees. Repair work is carried out on the winter shelter as well as the preparation of woods. It is also the time for herders to move from worn-out summer pasture to autumn pastures, where they could fatten their animals before the winter.

Trekking & Hiking in Mongolia in August

As for travelers, August in Mongolia is a perfect time for any kind of outdoor activities as it is neither hot nor rainy and the flies are gone. The end of summer and beginning of autumn would be a suitable time to hike or to capture colors of autumn.

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