Recommended packing list for traveling in Mongolia

Recommended packing list

Recommended packing list

Our suggested packing list does not aim to be comprehensive or exhaustive; we know that every traveler has different needs. If you feel there is something else you should bring with you, please do so, and when in doubt contact us for advice. The following general packing list gives recommendations on the type of equipment or clothing we have found most practical, based on our experience of traveling in Mongolia.

  • Backpack or soft bag: best if foldable.
  • Day pack: should have wide, comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Cotton T-shirts: two to three T-shirts will usually suffice.
  • Two long-sleeved shirts: one lightweight, fast drying, light coloured, preferably with buttons down the front so you can wear it open over a T-shirt for sun protection; and one medium weight for cold evenings.
  • Two pairs of lightweight trousers: if one pair has zip-off legs that can double as shorts, this is ideal.
  • Shorts: the fast-drying kind.
  • Underwear: fast drying. Sports/Athletic bras offering good support are best.
  • Socks: socks should be of a material that keeps your feet dry and allows your feet to breathe.
  • Casual clothes for travel/city: you may want to bring an extra folding bag, so you can leave any spare items in the hotel or at our offices.
  • Fleece jacket or warm sweater/jumper: we find a fleece jacket with a full-length front zipper to be the most practical, and a wind-stopper fleece the best for spring and autumn.
  • Waterproof shell/rain jacket or poncho: In most cases, a waterproof/windproof shell with a hood is ideal. Ponchos are more practical on a horse trek as they cover your saddle and keep your seat dry. Jackets or ponchos for horse treks should be of a subdued, darker colour and preferably of a material that does not crackle or rustle. Some Mongolian horses are spooked by unfamiliar bright/light colours and noises from plastic or nylon rain gear.
  • Towel: a travel towel that is compact, very absorbent, and fast drying.
  • Walking shoes: should have sturdy soles and good support
  • Sandals: to be worn around camp, in the shower, and when wading in streams or lakes. The best kind have adjustable straps around the ankle and will stay on your feet if you are walking on a slippery stream bed.
  • Bathing costume: for bathing in the hot springs, or in lakes and streams.
  • Sunglasses: should offer high UV protection.
  • Spare glasses/contact lenses: carried in a sturdy case.
  • Head lamp/flashlight: a head lamp is preferable, as it leaves your hands free.
  • Spare batteries/bulbs and possibly a slimline rechargeable battery pack to recharge your phone
  • Binoculars/camera: carried in a soft padded case if possible.
  • Personal medications: our First Aid kits are equipped with basic First Aid supplies, but by Mongolian law we are not allowed to dispense any medication. You should bring common medicines for headache, stomach upset, diarrhoea, colds or allergies, based on your experience and your knowledge of what you might require. Ensure you have a sufficient supply of all prescription medications.
  • Cables and adaptors for charging phones, cameras, etc. If you have 12V adapters to charge from the car’s cigarette lighter, please bring these along.
  • Money belt/pouch: it is preferable to have a flat pouch that can be worn inside clothing.
  • Sunscreen: choose one with at least an SPF of 20, more if you are light-skinned. A sunscreen in stick form that can be applied to lips, nose, cheeks, and the tops of your ears is very handy.
  • Insect repellent: read the label carefully and avoid those that are toxic to fish and amphibians, or wash the repellent off well away from rivers, lakes, and streams.

Additional equipment for tours, including camping nights

    • Sleeping bag: rated warm for temperatures down to -5C for summer travel, -15C to -20C for spring and autumn, and -40C for winter.
    • Mattress: preferably the inflatable type, to isolate you from the ground, and to provide extra comfort.
    • Long underwear: in summer, a lightweight top and bottom will suffice. Your long underwear should be the synthetic kind that draws moisture away from the skin and keeps you dry.
    • Warm hat: wool or fleece, which can cover your ears.
    • Gloves: lightweight for trekking and riding, warm for spring and autumn trips.
    • Waterproof bag cover (on treks and horse treks, expedition style trips): One large enough to cover your backpack or bag and a smaller one for your day pack.
    • Resealable (Ziploc) plastic bags: Bring a sufficient quantity to protect your documents, money, camera, binoculars, and other items from water, sand, and dust. A few extra bags are handy for repacking wet clothing until you reach your next camp and can dry them out.

Additional equipment for trips which include more than one day of hiking/trekking

    • Hiking boots (for treks): waterproof and breathable, with Gore-Tex boots being the best for Kharkhira and other Altai treks. This is a permafrost area, and water is trapped at the surface, so it will be difficult to avoid some wet ground. We recommend that you bring an extra pair of shoes, in case your boots get wet.
    • Waterproof pants: should fit over your other pants, and from May through September without a lining or should have a very light, breathable lining.
    • Leggings: to avoid water from penetrating through the top of your boots.
    • Extra set of clothing: sealed in a nylon bag, to be carried during hiking days.

Additional equipment for trips including more than one day of horse/camel riding

  • Chaps or riding boots.
  • Riding gloves.

Riding helmet will be provided by Mongolian Ways.

Additional equipment for winter trips

  • Winter coat or parka
  • Winter underwear and top
  • Scarf or ski mask
  • Warm hat: wool or fleece, which can cover your ears and cheeks
  • Winter boots or Baffin: can be worn for horse riding
  • Winter gloves, hand warmer
  • Sunglasses: Polarized ones against snow

It is a good idea to try on clothing at home to ensure that what you bring is sized for comfortable layering. Weather in Mongolia is unpredictable, and layering your clothes for warmth is a practical alternative to packing bulky items you may never wear.

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