Things To Do In Mongolia In November

• November in Mongolia

November in Mongolia

November marks the beginning of long-lasting winter in Mongolia. The average temperatures would be between -19.0°C and -5.0°C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as -36°C. Although the first snow may fall as early as September, snowstorms start to occur only after 15 November.

Nomadic family moving in November, Western Mongolia

In early November, the herders often migrate to their winter pastures before snow blocks their paths. Families choose to settle in mountain-sheltered valleys to wait out the winter, where animals can be protected from cold wind. In the northern and western regions, families follow a route through 3000m plus mountain ranges. In such places, cars cannot be used as it does in central or eastern Mongolia. So, families load up their camels and move their sheep, goats, and cattle to winter camps where the grass is long enough to get the herds through until spring. It gets even harder if you consider that the whole family will have to move at the speed dictated by the herd. The winter encampment is always the most established, with shelters for the animals, and storage huts. The Gers are insulated with extra layers of felt, and the winter shelters for the animals are also insulated with dung.

Winter Migration Tour in Western Mongolia

The tradition of migrating with camels is still alive in Western Mongolia. Even though we have experience organizing winter migration tours especially for photographers, we offer this winter experience as exploratory tour for nomads migrate depending on the circumstances of the year.

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