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Where will I spend the nights?

Where will I spend the nights?

In Mongolia you will find different modes of accommodation. Please note that the vast majority of lodging facilities out of Ulaanbaatar do not provide en suite toilets and showers, but offer a shared toilet and bathroom facility located out of your ger.

Hotels: In Ulaanbaatar, there is a wide range of hotels ranging from 4* luxury hotels to very simple guesthouses. We tend to use simple and practical 4* hotels which offer comfort and value and which are located in the heart of the city, allowing us to walk to many of the city’s main attractions and avoid the traffic jams. If you do wish to stay in a more comfortable hotel while in Ulaanbaatar, please do let us know, and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Mongolia Travel accommodation in Ulaanbaatar

Ger camps: Outside of the city, Ger camps are the most commonly available full-service facilities. Ger camps use the traditional home of steppe nomads, the felt covered Ger, as guest rooms. Each Ger normally has between 2 and 4 single beds in it, along with a traditional stove, a simple table, and sometimes cupboards and wash stands. We plan for a Ger to be shared between two travelers (or for those who have paid the single supplement, a Ger on their own). If you would like to have more than two travelers sharing your Ger, please let us know, and we shall do our best to accommodate your request. There will generally be a central block that houses hot water showers, sinks, and western-style toilets. This block is usually some distance from your Ger. In a separate building, there will be a restaurant or dining room, and sometimes a bar or a recreation room. Many camps have outdoor recreation facilities such as a volleyball or badminton net.

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In Ulaanbaatar, our proposals based on the 4-star Bayangol Hotel. About 10-15 minutes’ walk out of the city center, this is a standard 4-star hotel we have been working with for years, and always receive great feedback about the hotel’s amenities and services. As for ger camps, we have a list of locations and respective ger camps that offer upgraded gers (or other forms of accommodation) with attached showers and toilets. If you prefer a different hotel or an en suite ger, we would be happy to offer alternatives.


Tailor-made adventure tours in Mongolia have been our specialty for the past 20 years. Over 80 percent of our customers travel on private adventure tours, either creating their own tour around specific interests and booking it as a private tour, along with some personal touches.

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