Things To Do In Mongolia In December

• December in Mongolia

December in Mongolia

Glittering snow, clear blue sky, frozen rivers, and lakes are the typical image of December. It is an exceptionally beautiful time to see endless white steppes and Siberian borderlands. Even though it does not snow much in Mongolia, the snow that falls sticks and stays almost until May as the temperature never increases above 0°C. As many rivers freeze almost to the bottom, nomads collect their drinking water from a nearby water point such as a frozen river, well, or any melting ice. Mongolian nomads still herd their livestock with the primary focus being the protection of animals from prey such as wolves and making sure the animals can access food underneath the snow cover. The hours of daylight are limited, and life for herding families can almost feel like passing the winter in a dormant condition.

Hunting with Golden Eagle in December, Western Mongolia

Traveling in Mongolian winter is a remarkable experience as it will show you how good Mongolians are at adaptation. No matter how cold it gets every Mongolian continues their daily life. Children go to school from Monday to Friday. Nomadic herders continue looking after their livestock. Highlights of December include hunting with Kazakh eagle hunters and visiting the Taiga, a winter wonderland of Mongolia. Hunting with Golden Eagle take place during the cold winter months when it is easier to spot their target against the white of the snow. For the brave-hearted, riding alongside Kazakhs would be once in a lifetime experience. Meanwhile, in Taiga, you can meet one of the most interesting ethnic groups in the world known as the Tsaatan or The Reindeer People, in their true home.


The tradition of hunting with Golden Eagle has been practiced by Central Asian nomads, Kazakh and Kyrgiz, for thousands of years. In 2008 this unique tradition of capturing, training and hunting was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. And now it’s your opportunity to join a Kazakh eagle hunter family and ride with them in the Altai Mountains.

Cameron Lucas Australia

Had the most incredible time living with the Kazakh family in western Mongolia, and the opportunity to hunt with the golden eagles is too good to miss out on. Cannot recommend enough this adventure. The Mongolian landscapes can never cease to amaze you, especially when caked in ice and snow.

Cameron Lucas, Australia

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