Things to do in Mongolia month by month

Mongolia Month by Month

Mongolia month by month guide

Mongolia, a landlocked nation squeezed between Russia and China, presents a unique picture. In a region of autocracies, it proudly kept democracy alive for three decades since the 1990 communist collapse. Despite sitting on huge deposits of untapped minerals, it has not befallen to the ‘resource curse’ yet. As a less-visited destination, it is home to the last authentic nomads on earth, who are not living by their tradition only to amuse tourists.

Things to see & do in Mongolia

For those who are planning to travel to Mongolia, the most significant thing to consider is the weather. Isolated from the humid air of the Atlantic and Pacific, the country has an extreme continental climate, which is characterized by sunny days even in winter, dry air, low precipitation, and daily temperature changes. Winter nights can get as cold as −40 °C while summer days reach 40 °C in the Gobi Desert. Here for thousands of years survival has required resourcefulness, independence, and a close affinity with mother nature and her spirits.

What to see & do in Mongolia

In Mongolia, the main travel season starts in late spring from the end of May and lasts until Autumn, somewhere around the beginning to the end of September. At the end of May, and during June, you will enjoy lush flourishing meadows and the high probability of encountering a yak or camel caravan of nomads, as they move from spring to summer pastures. September offers wonderful autumn foliage, and again, a good chance of catching sight of the nomads, this time moving from summer to autumn pastures. However, if well prepared, Mongolia can bring the most unbelievable experience throughout the year. Therefore, we prepared this Mongolia Month by Month Guide for you to travel to Mongolia at your convenient time.

January - February - March - April - May - June
July - August - September - November - December

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