Spiritual Tours

Spiritual Tours

Ever wondered how is it to live with monks or talk to an in-trance shaman? If yes, search no more, our spiritual tours will suffice your curiosity. 

Although Mongolian indigenous beliefs had suffered a great deal during the USSR anti-religious campaigns, more than half of the residents are proudly Buddhist. Mongolian Buddhism derives from the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism, one sect that garners a lot of Western attention, but it presents its own unique characteristics. The most spiritual Buddhist sites in the country are the Erdene Zuu Monastery in Central Mongolia, Amarbaysgalant monastery in Northern Mongolia, Khamar monastery in the Gobi and Gandan monastery in Ulaanbaatar. 

On the other hand, the country’s far older shamanistic tradition, practiced since Neolithic period, reveals itself on mountains and hilltops through heaps of stones called ovoos, laced with horse skulls and strips of blue cloth, the color symbolising sky worship. The central element of Mongolian shamanism is the worship of the “Munh Huh Tenger” or “Eternal Blue Sky”. Its doctrine view all being’s existence as sustained by the Father Eternal Blue Sky and the Fertile Mother-Earth. A shaman is someone who is regarded as having access to the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing. 

Our spiritual tours include special arrangements for you to stay in a Buddhist monasteries; learn more about Buddhism, understand how the lams of this Tibetan philosophy dedicate themselves to spiritual awareness, and take time to relax. Or meetings with shamans and have an actual communication with his spirits, which may help you find the answers to questions that you were always looking for.

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  • Learning Buddhism with monks
  • Talking to spirits of mysterious Shamans
  • Ritual performances
  • Mind meditation
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