Beyond Mongolia

Across the countries of Mongolia, China and Russia

Beyond Mongolia

After your once in a lifetime adventure in Mongolia your next destination is here. The two of the world's greatest nations welcome you to their centuries old history, culture and its heritages. 

Soumin Jaran

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The Two Sides of the Gobi Desert on 7th June, 2018

The Gobi Desert, one of the world’s largest deserts, spans over the territories of China and Mongolia. The na…


  • Trans Mongolian Railroad
  • Circum Altai Mountain
  • Mongolia to Tibet
  • Exploring the sides of the Gobi Desert
Circum Baikal

12 Days In Russia, Mongolia and China

Russia, Mongolia and China

  • Overland Discovery
  • Family holiday
Soumin Jaran

13 Days In Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

  • Overland Discovery

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